A native of East Tennessee, Rev. David Andrew Boyd began ministry over 30 years ago while still a college student, serving as a summer camp counselor and part-time choir director.  Upon graduation he began ministry initially as a youth director and later as a camp manager.  Eventually he found his way back to his first love as a music and worship minister for congregations in Tennessee, Indiana, Louisiana, and North Carolina. Over the many years David has worked with congregations as small as 60 and larger than 1000.  As a guitarist, vocalist and speaker, David Andrew brings a dynamic message of God’s Love reaching out to all of Creation.  His diverse background and education in both traditional and interfaith perspectives allows David to help all grow to understand their true nature of oneness as children of the Divine. Growing up in the United Methodist Church provided him with an early foundation of faith which led to many years of ministry there. However, David Andrew has long studied and found inspiration in many faith traditions and in June of 2017 was ordained as an interfaith minister.   He frequently has served as both guest minister and guest musician/worship leader at Unity Transformation in Knoxville Tennessee and other churches in the region. In 2018 David and his wife Donna moved to central Arkansas and in the short term has focused on finishing work on a “fixer upper” home, but welcomes opportunities to be of service in Arkansas as well as back in Tennessee and areas beyond.