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From my Facebook post announcing my 2017 ordination . . .

On June 7th I was ordained as an interfaith minister after two years of study through One Spirit Learning Alliance. As most of you know I have served for over 25 years in various aspects of ministry within the United Methodist Church (youth, camping, music, worship, etc) and have a MA in Church Music from Christian Theological Seminary. So why did I choose further study and ordination through One Spirit? It boils down to this . . . our world is too full of violence based on a lack of understanding and compassion for other viewpoints and traditions. Tolerance is not enough! To “teach tolerance” is at best a Band-Aid on a gaping wound. I can tolerate a plate of liver and onions (meaning I won’t gag if I have to eat it), but that doesn’t mean I would order it in a restaurant. Tolerance by definition means dealing with something we don’t like.

We instead need to focus on teaching compassion. The mystical branches of all major religions teach this, and it is only through true compassion that humanity can move forward. Only when we understand all of humanity and all of creation as being a part of ourselves can we grow toward the true “Kingdom of God.” We are not Christians and Muslims. We are not Buddhists and Hindus. We are not even Republicans and Democrats. What we are is children of the Divine, all of us brothers and sisters in one beautiful family.

Having said all that, I offer to you my many friends that I am no longer tied to one specific congregation, and am available to come sing and/or speak to bring a message of love and hope to your faith family. Given my deep roots in traditional Christianity, even though I am ordained as an interfaith minister I can bring a message appropriate to the context and needs of any given congregation, whether it be a traditional church or a “new thought” gathering. I would welcome the opportunity to come share on topics such as the boundless Love of God, growing into our full Created potential, tithing and abundance, divorce recovery, etc.

With much love for you all!

The Reverend David Andrew Boyd